The Welsh Alphabet Illustrated

A. Afal, Apple

Croeso! Welcome!

B. Bad, Boat

C. Cwrwgl, Coracle (boat)

Ch. Chwim, Nimble

D. Dafad, Sheep

Dd. Ddfaid, His sheep

E. Eira, Snow

F. Fin nos, Nightfall

Ff. Flwit, Flute

G. Gwdihw, Owl

H. Het, Hat

L. Lafant, Lavender

I. Iâr fach ynrhaf, butterfly

LL. Llew, Lion

M. Mor, Sea

Ng. Fy ngheffyl, My horse

P. Pysgodyn, Fish

Ph. Phont (pont) Bridge

R. Roced, Rocket

Rh. Rhew, Iceberg

S. Seren, Star

T. Tywysoges, Princess

Th. Thelyn, Harp

U. Uchelwydd, Mistletoe

W. Wyau, Eggs

Y. Ymbarel, Umbrella

The complete Welsh Alphabet



On exhibition from 14 October – 8 December at Oriel y Parc, St. Davids, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. These 28 illustrations on canvas representing each letter of the Welsh alphabet were created as an expression of appreciation, support, and celebration of the Welsh language!

The unique and one-of-a-kind original illustrations on canvases are for sale. (120 long x 30 cm wide). Please contact the artist for price and details.

12 x 16 signed and numbered giclee lithographs are also for purchase as single images or in letter combinations of your choice. Please email the artist at for details.


Artist, creator, art director


Solo show at the Cloister Gallery, St. Davids, Cathedral, St. Davids, Pembrokeshire, Wales; Artist in residence exhibition, Oriel y Parc Gallery, St. Davids.