So blue sole

London turbot flow

Life, forms, merge


Triple Plaice

Mackerel smooth

Subtle silver-green sole

Dory and sprats



Now exhibiting at The Brick Lane Gallery, London. October 10 to October 20, 2013! All original work is for sale.

“The Gyotaku method, “gyo” meaning fish, and “taku” meaning rubbing – is a form of Japanese printing dating from the mid-1800s. Each print can lead to new avenues of discovery and is absolutely unique, directed by the pressure of my hands upon the fish’s shape; the tooth of the paper; the fluidity of the ink; and the character of the fish itself. The technique is rooted in a respect for the natural form and is a beautiful way of self-expression to achieve a closeness with nature, art, and spirit.”

Would you like to learn more about Gyotaku? I lead one or two workshops each June/July as part of Pembrokeshire Fish Week. And I do organise workshops for 2 to 5 students at my studio in St. Davids, Wales. Please get in touch if you want to have a creative go!


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