The Saints

St. Non, the mother of St. David the patron saint of Wales

St. Gwenfredi (Winifred)

St. Madryn

St. Dwynwn, the Welsh saint of lovers


Mixed media collages in high relief created with sea stones and designed with hand-made monoprint papers and found objects and treasures. This series celebrates Welsh female saints and my love of Celtic and medieval art. The series has been exhibited in St. Davids Cathedral, St. Davids, Pembrokeshire.

Each saint (or the set of 5) may be purchased as lovely, large, mounted, signed and numbered giclee prints on German etching paper.

I am interested in taking the Saints on the road! I’d love to display the Celtic saint collection in dioceses throughout Wales. If you have any information regarding, please contact me directly at


Solo show at the Cloister Gallery, St. Davids Cathedral, St. Davids, Pembrokeshire, Wales


Collage, illustration, relief, printmaking