Monoprints + Japanese Gyotaku


“The Gyotaku method, “gyo” meaning fish, and “taku” meaning rubbing – is a form of Japanese printing dating from the mid-1800s. Each print can lead to new avenues of discovery and is absolutely unique, directed by the pressure of my hands upon the fish’s shape; the tooth of the paper; the fluidity of the ink; and the character of the fish itself. The technique is rooted in a respect for the natural form and is a beautiful way of self-expression to achieve a closeness with nature, art, and spirit.”

Would you like to learn more about Gyotaku? I lead one or two workshops each June/July as part of Pembrokeshire Fish Week. And I do organise workshops for 2 to 5 students at my studio in St. Davids, Wales. Please get in touch if you want to have a creative go!
These originals are available as giclee prints. Just email me here.